Frequently Asked Questions

An application to undertake any work to a tree covered by a preservation order (TPO) needs to be sent to your local council by way of post or email. The process can take several weeks to get an answer, even if you only require light pruning work. We are often in contact with local authorities concerning TPO's and other issues with trees so we are happy to take care of the application process on behalf of our customers at no extra cost.

Trees with a Tree Preservation Order are specially selected for their beauty, prominence, history and are of high value to the local area. As such, the Local Authority mark them on a plan and have a number in a schedule.

If trees on your property have Preservation Orders on them, it doesn't mean that you cannot do any work on them but you will need to obtain permission from the Local Authority before work can be carried out and this permission can take time to obtain.

Arborcure will automatically check to see if your trees have Preservation Orders on them before any work is carried out and if they do, he will ensure he gets the required permission.

Yes, we currently have £5 million public liability insurance with a specialist tree surgeon insurance company, and we also have £10 million employers liability insurance cover.

We work all year round, however there is some obvious seasonal work :-

In winter, it is easier to assess the shape of the trees. We can also see where birds are nesting.

In the Summer we are not allowed to do any work in trees where birds are nesting. Plane trees have a dust on their leaves which can cause lung irritation, breathing difficulties and sore eyes to our operatives and clients, so we only work on those between 15th November to 31st March.

Some fruit trees have seasonal tasks eg Apples and Pears between October & May, and Cherry & Plum trees between June & September.

We can remove tree stumps using a stump grinder to a depth of approximately 30cm below soil level providing the garden access is at least 3ft / 92cm wide.

Yes we will remove all debris caused by the work, unless you wish us to leave it with you. Some people like to chop it into logs for firewood or use it to create a habitat in their garden for insects and wildlife.

If the woodchip is of a good quality we are sometimes asked to leave it with the customer for use within the garden.

Well over 95% of debris removed will be re-used or recycled.

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