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12th January 2021

Identifying and dealing with Ramorum disease

Imported on infected plants and driven across the country by windswept rain, Ramorum disease (Phytophthora ramorum) is a serious threat to a variety of trees and bushes, especially the larch.

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12th December 2020

Spotting and tackling ash dieback symptoms

The first step in tackling tree diseases such as ash dieback is to recognise its presence. Spotting its symptoms early can limit the damage to your healthy trees and slow the spread of this devastating fungus.

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27th November 2020

Tree Diseases: UK Threats

Having laid waste to billions of trees across the UK, tree diseases and pests are a serious threat to the economy and the environment. Here are 5 common diseases and their symptoms.

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10th November 2020

Is Ash Dieback Affecting Your Trees?

With around 80% of England’s ash trees now at risk, costing an estimated $15 billion to the economy, it is important to identify and manage ash dieback disease quickly.

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