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Grounds Maintenance Services

Do you need a flexible grounds maintenance service provided by a skilled team you can trust?
From sports fields, playgrounds and car parks to private commercial spaces, Arborcure Ltd. can ensure your grounds are litter-free, tidy and professionally cared for all year round.
The Arborcure Service
Arborcure offer a flexible service which can be fine-tuned to your specific needs. Take a look at our Tailored Packages section for more details.
We engage in regular communication with our clients to ensure they are happy with our work and are using us in the most efficient way possible.
The Arborcure Team
Our fully trained teams are specialists in their fields and we supply them with the high quality machinery and chemicals they need to do their work. All of our employees are health and safety aware and prioritise safe working practice making us an ideal choice for schools.
  • Commercial Garden Maintenance
Commercial Maintenance

Are you looking for a safe, flexible and cost-effective grounds maintenance service for your school, university, business estate or individual commercial premises?
Arborcure Ltd. can deliver an efficient, scheduled service at a price that suits your budget.
Our specialist grounds maintenance teams can tend to all hard and turfed areas including sports fields and playgrounds.
We offer a range of services, including:
  • open day/event preparation
  • sports field services
  • hedge cutting and trimming
  • playground marking
  • weed control
  • landscaping
  • seasonal gritting and leaf and snow clearance.
See the relevant sections for further details.
  • Sports Field Maintenance
Sports Fields

Sports fields, whether school, community or privately owned, require specialist care all year round to maximise usage and keep the surface looking nice.
Arborcure Ltd. can carry out a full range of sports field services including line marking, grass cutting, aeration, selective weed control and sand pit maintenance.
Depending on your needs, we will equip our team with the correct type of machinery for the task at hand. This includes ride on cylinder mowers; rotary cut and collect machines and tractor and gang mowers.
  • Grass Cutting and Trimming
  • Grass Cutting and Trimming
Cutting & Trimming

Are your fields, grass pitches or hedges in need of a tidy?
Arborcure Ltd. can cut grass and trim hedges as a one off service or on a regular basis to keep your site looking well managed.
Depending on your preference, we can cut and collect or cut and spread evenly and we can provide our teams with either rotary, cylinder or flail mowers to achieve your preferred finished.
Our trained gardening team know how to trim hedges, shrubs and bushes at the appropriate time of year, according to the species. By taking advantage of our ongoing maintenance service, you will benefit from year-round, well-maintained grounds.
  • Playground Marking
Playground Marking

Whether you need a traditional design or something bespoke, Arborcure Ltd. can create the playground or car park look you want.
Crisp, new line markings will make a fantastic first impression to anybody visiting your premises or using your facilities.
From water based paints to hot pour thermoplastic, we can apply high quality line markings to your hard surfaces that will last for a long time.
  • Weed Control
Weed Control

If you’re struggling to stay on top of weeds, your grounds or facilities will start to look shabby and unkempt. Arborcure Ltd. can help you to get back in control.
Our services include weed control to hard areas such as car parks, footpaths and kerb lines. We can also keep fence lines and shrub borders maintained either through chemical control or by hand. We always use approved methods and substances and prioritise health and safety.
  • Tailored Package
Tailored Packages

We recognise that all sites are different and offer packages tailored to meet your specific needs.
We will carry out an assessment and, with your input, put together a package to target all necessary areas. We can schedule monthly or annual maintenance visits depending on your needs and budget.
We have also started introducing allocated hours. If all routine maintenance is completed, we will always ask you if you need anything else doing, within reason.
  • Seasonal Clearance
Seasonal Clearance

Is leaf debris or snow and ice disrupting your activities or causing a hazard?
Rather than risk a customer or employee slipping and a possible court case, we recommend hiring Arborcure Ltd. to keep your site safe all year round.
We can undertake large or small leaf clearing operations to clear car parks, footpaths, doorways and other areas.
Throughout the winter, we can clear away snow as well as spreading salt during sub zero conditions.


Feel free to get in touch for information about our services or to get a free no obligation quote.