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Hedge Services

Could your hedges do with a trim? Do you need to reduce their size to make them easier to manage or to avoid dispute with neighbours or the Local Authority?
Arborcure can tend to your private or commercial hedges on a one off or regular basis to keep them healthy and looking smart. For best results, we recommend trimming your hedges at least twice a year although some of our customers are happy with an annual visit.
Our experienced and qualified staff can care for hedges of any type and size so please contact us with details of your requirements.
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Is your Hedge too Tall?

Did you know that your Local Authority can ask you to reduce an evergreen hedge that is more than two metres in height. This does not mean that all such hedges must be reduced or that you are committing an offence by having an evergreen hedge taller than two metres in height.
However, under Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, your neighbours can raise a complaint if they feel your hedge is interfering with their reasonable enjoyment of their property.
In such a case, the Local Authority will look into all relevant factors and decide whether you need to take any action and what that action should be. Failure to comply with their decision could lead to a fine of up to £1000.
But why take the risk of antagonising your neighbours at all? If your evergreen hedge is over two metres in height, consider asking Arborcure to reduce it before it causes any issues. This will also help you to keep on top of trimming.
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Hedge Supply and Planting

Arborcure can also supply and plant high quality deciduous or evergreen hedgerows to increase security or improve the look of your home and grounds. Please call us for more details on this service.


Feel free to get in touch for information about our services or to get a free no obligation quote.