Is a tree stump stopping you from carrying out your garden project?

Deadwooding & Stump Grinding

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Removing dead branches or

old tree stumps

can restore your garden back to its best and allow you to crack on with your new garden project.

Save hours of painstaking labour with a stump grinder

Rather than compromise by working around your stump, give Arborcure Ltd. a call. For easily accessed stumps, our large, hydraulic grinder will remove it in no time. If your access is more difficult, we also have a more mobile pedestrian grinder.

Although both machines grind to a depth of approximately 30cm/1ft, please be aware that we will leave the tree’s roots in the ground. If you do need to have any large roots removed, please let us know before work commences.

Accreditations You Can Trust

Inspection from industry, health and safety and quality regulatory bodies ensure we are proud to be setting the highest possible standards in tree and landscaping services in the Southwest.

Over 15 Years Of Trading

We treat your property as our own and leave you knowing that you have had a professional service with work carried out to the highest standards.

Qualifications & Insurance

Intensive training and assessment at the internationally renowned Kingswood Training based in Kent and £5 million public liability insurance from a specialist tree surgeon insurance company.

Dead, dying or diseased branches holding your tree back

Do you know or suspect that a tree you’re in charge of has dead, dying or diseased branches which may cause a hazard?

Arborcure Ltd. provide a professional deadwooding service, removing any unhealthy wood so that trees will pose less of a risk, especially during windy and stormy conditions which can bring branches down.