Are your footpaths or highways becoming obstructed by low-hanging branches?

Tree Crown Reduction or lifting

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Reducing or raising the

crown of a tree

should be undertaken by experience professionals to ensure it grows back to a natural shape and doesn’t cause irreversible harm.

Get a natural shape to your overgrown tree

Did you know that trimming the crown of a tree can make foliage grow back even denser than before or even cause irreversible damage to the tree?

Rather than take the risk of losing a precious tree, if you need to reduce its size, call Arborcure Ltd.

Providing the tree is suitable, we can cut the crown back to specific growth points, retaining a natural shape without causing harm to the tree.

This reduction work is carried out to BS3998 standard and the tree will continue to appear completely natural to the untrained eye – as if it hasn’t even been touched.

tree crown reduction to a massive tree

Accreditations You Can Trust

Inspection from industry, health and safety and quality regulatory bodies ensure we are proud to be setting the highest possible standards in tree and landscaping services in the Southwest.

15 years

Over 15 Years Of Trading

We treat your property as our own and leave you knowing that you have had a professional service with work carried out to the highest standards.


Qualifications & Insurance

Intensive training and assessment at the internationally renowned Kingswood Training based in Kent and £5 million public liability insurance from a specialist tree surgeon insurance company.

tree crown reduction before and after

Are you getting poked in the eye while trying to mow the lawn?

Crown Lifting is the term we use for raising the height of a tree’s lower branches above ground level.

This procedure can be used instead of a full crown reduction to allow more light into your home or garden. It can also really tidy the appearance of a small garden.

We often provide crown raising to our clients as part of our routine maintenance schedules.

Tree Crown Reduction in Plymouth

We have been doing tree crown reduction in Plymouth and across the South West for many years. Whether you have recently had atree planted that is overgrowing. Or are looking to create a new look for your trees alongside your landscaping, give us a call to see how we can help.