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  • Precision Tree Felling
Precision Tree Felling

Do you need to bring a diseased or obstructive tree down?
Tree felling is a job for the professionals. No matter how simple the task looks, amateurs can quickly lose control of a falling tree with devastating consequences.
Whatever size of tree you need to fell, Arborcure Ltd. will ensure it is brought down safely and securely without damaging property or risking life.
Before we take any action we will carry out a full assessment to check for any underground services and to ensure that felling is the right choice. We will also decide whether we need to bring in a winch tractor to better manipulate the tree.
Once the tree has been successfully brought to the ground we can also process the timber and other remaining wood if required.

  • Tree Dismantling
Tree Dismantling 

Sometimes it is impractical to fell a tree and other methods of bringing it down are needed.
If the tree you want to remove is unsuitable for felling in one go, we can dismantle it bit by bit using either hand held cutting techniques or specialist lowering equipment as necessary.
We are experienced of dismantling trees of all sizes and in awkward locations, for example in cemeteries, at cliff edges, above housing and alongside busy roads. If needed, we can arrange for a crane to assist us with challenging dismantling operations.

  • Tree Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction

Did you know that trimming the crown of a tree can make foliage grow back even denser than before or even cause irreversible damage to the tree?
Rather than take the risk of losing a precious tree, if you need to reduce its size, call Arborcure Ltd. Providing the tree is suitable, we can cut the crown back to specific growth points, retaining a natural shape without causing harm to the tree. This reduction work is carried out to BS3998 standard and the tree will continue to appear completely natural to the untrained eye – as if it hasn’t even been touched.

  • Tree Crown Lifting
Crown Lifting

Are your footpaths or highways becoming obstructed by low-hanging branches? Are you getting poked in the eye while trying to mow the lawn?
Crown Lifting is the term we use for raising the height of a tree’s lower branches above ground level.
This procedure can be used instead of a full crown reduction to allow more light into your home or garden. It can also really tidy the appearance of a small garden.
We often provide crown raising to our clients as part of our routine maintenance schedules.

  • Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Is a tree stump stopping you from carrying out your projects?
Rather than compromise by working around your stump, give Arborcure Ltd. a call. For easily accessed stumps, our large, hydraulic grinder will remove it in no time. If your access is more difficult, we also have a more mobile pedestrian grinder.
Although both machines grind to a depth of approximately 30cm/1ft, please be aware that we will leave the tree’s roots in the ground. If you do need to have any large roots removed, please let us know before work commences.

  • Fruit Tree Pruning
Fruit Tree Pruning

Are you finding it difficult to keep on top of your fruit tree maintenance?
Untended fruit trees can soon become tangled and messy, detracting from a plot’s appearance. Fortunately, Arborcure Ltd. have lots of experience in fruit tree pruning and our employees can also advise you of the best time of year for carrying out the task. Some of our customers have even won awards for their fruit once we have taken charge of their pruning.

  • Deadwooding

Do you know or suspect that a tree you’re in charge of has dead, dying or diseased branches which may cause a hazard?
Arborcure Ltd. provide a professional deadwooding service, removing any unhealthy wood so that trees will pose less of a risk, especially during windy and stormy conditions which can bring branches down.

  • Tree Planting
Tree Planting

Tree surgery is not just about bringing down and pruning trees. We also enjoy planting new trees whenever the opportunity arises.
As well as planting single trees, Arborcure Ltd. can manage large scale planting projects. We use well respected local suppliers for our trees and plants. They are able to source almost any type and size of tree from their network of nurseries.

Spoke to John to arrange a quote to remove a tree, he was very courteous and transparent with what he was telling me which put me at ease, I did go to other companies for quotes but they where not as transparent as John was.I decided To go with Arbocure and they came out yet again as agreed completed the job very professionally And at a very satisfactory standard with them leaving my garden in a tidy state.

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