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Tree Services

We are specialist tree surgeons and can professionally undertake all forms of tree surgery work in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. 
We are qualified and experienced in all forms of tree work, no matter the size, location or complexity of the work.
  • Precision Tree Felling
Precision Tree Felling

Our Arborists are capable of felling any size of tree, making it fall exactly where they want it.
An assessment of the site would be conducted first to check for suitability and the presence of any underground services. Once on the floor the team would process the timber and brash if required to do so by the client.
For those more awkward jobs, wether its due to the ground conditions or the position in which the tree stands we can use a winch tractor to assist in the felling operation. This provides us with the pulling power required to bring the tree to the position required. It also helps on particularly large jobs where a large qauntity of big trees need to felled in a short space of time.
  • Tree Dismantling
Tree Dismantling 

If a tree is unsuitable to be felled in one go we can dismantle it bit by bit. This can be carried out by using hand held cutting techniques or use of specialist lowering equipment where by each piece is lowered to the ground under control.
We can dismantle any size of tree and have extensive experience with trees in awkward locations, for example cemetaries, cliff edges with dwellings beneath and busy roadside locations.If the need arises we can arrange for a crane to assist us with dismantling operations.
  • Tree Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction

If you have a tree which is getting to big for its location but dont want to lose it and the tree is suitable enough we can reduce its crown to suitable growth points to retain a natural shape without causing harm to the tree. We pride ourselves on our reduction work which is carried out to BS3998 standard.
A tree which has been reduced correctly, to the untrained eye will not look like it has been touched. If a tree has been reduced incorrectly there is potential for the tree to deteriorate possibly causing the tree to be felled in the future or promote more new dense growth, defeating the purpose for the reduction work in the first place, leading to further maintenance costs in the future.
  • Tree Crown Lifting
Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the term used for raising the height of the lower branches above ground level. This is carried out to keep footpaths and highways clear for the public or just to stop you getting poked in the eye while cutting the lawn.
Quite often by crown raising you can solve issues with light entering your house or garden instead of a full crown reduction. Crown raising in small spaces can really tidy the appearance of a small garden.
We carry out crown raising as part of our routine maintenance shedules on many of our clients sites.
  • Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Once we have removed a tree we can also remove the stump too by using one of our stump grinding machines. Or we are happy to just remove any old stumps you may have which may be causing an obstruction or look unsightly. 
We have a large hydraulically operated grinder for any size of stump with good access and a smaller pedestrian grinder for sites with restricted access widths or several steps to negotiate.
Both of our machines grind to a depth of approximately 30cm/1ft.
Please be aware that unless otherwise stated it is just the main stump which is ground out leaving roots in the ground. If the customer would like to have any large roots removed aswell then we would need to know before work commences.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
Fruit Tree Pruning

If not maintained in the correct manner fruit trees can soon become messy and cluttered. We have lots of experience in fruit tree pruning and can tell you the correct times of year this should be carried out.
Our team have lots of experience pruning fruit trees and some of our customers have won awards for their fruit after we have tended their trees.
  • Deadwooding

If not maintained in the correct manner fruit trees can soon become messy and cluttered. We have lots of experience in fruit tree pruning and can tell you the correct times of year this should be carried out. 
  • Tree Planting
Tree Planting

We like to plant new trees whenever the opportunity arises.
Wether its single trees or large scale planting projects Arborcure can cater for all. We use well respected local suppliers for our trees and plants. Within their network of nurseries they are able to provide us with just about anything of all sizes from 1L to 1000L.


Feel free to get in touch for information about our services or to get a free no obligation quote.