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Tree Surveys and Reports

Owners of trees have a duty of care to ensure their trees do not pose a threat to the public or nearby property. As trees are a living thing you cannot totally eradicate the possibility of something happening but you can take certain measures to reduce thatĀ risk.

Our qualified tree inspector carries out inspections and prepares reports on hundreds of trees each year for large commercial clients, schools and domestic tree owners. We can inspect a single tree or multiple trees on any size of site. This can be carried out from ground level or by a climbing inspection.

If your site contains multiple trees of unknown species and condition we can survey all trees and compile a comprehensive report for each, or a report only highlighting which trees require any remedial work or removal. The latter option being a popular choice for sites such as schools and commercial property where annual inspections are already carried out as this highlights only the trees which require attention and not the needless pages of unnecessary information.

All reports comply with BS5837 and highlight the condition of the tree, any defects, wildlife, diseases, fungiiĀ and action to be taken if needed to reduce any risk of injury or damage and to promote the health and longevity of the tree.

Our reports can add extra information and evidence to accompany TPO applications.

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