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What is Tree Stump Removal?

Dead branches and old tree stumps can get in the way and prevent you from getting on with new projects in your garden. Tree stump removal helps you to get on with work and improve the appearance of your outdoor space. However, removing tree stumps is labour-intensive and requires specialist expertise so many people fail to deal with old stumps or deadwood.

Tree stump removal is a process that can be carried out by Arborcure’s experienced team in Plymouth, Devon and the wider South West region. Utilising a range of specialist equipment, tree stump removal involves either entirely removing tree stumps or undertaking a stump grinding process for easily accessible stumps. Unless requested otherwise, our tree stump removal service will leave tree roots in the ground so we advise you to tell us if you need large roots removed along with your stumps.

The benefits of tree stump removal include:

  • Reduced risk of accident.
  • More space for outdoor projects.
  • Increased garden visual appeal.
Dead dry tree remaining within wetlands wooded meadows

Arborcure’s Tree Stump Removal Services

If you need a tree stump removed near Devon, you should avoid attempting to carry out the work yourself and instead seek help from qualified and experienced local arborists, like the team at Arborcure. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to offer the very highest standards of tree stump removal and tree stump grinding to safely eradicate your stump for good.

Our tree stump removal service will:

  • Completely eradicate tree stumps using specialist grinders that prevent regrowth.
  • Leave your garden looking healthier and more appealing. Not only will the removal of tree stumps improve the condition of your space, but we will also always clear up any mess created by the tree stump removal or tree stump grinding processes. 
  • Ensure every aspect of your garden is safe by providing a professional deadwooding service to remove unhealthy branches from trees if you require.

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Accreditations You Can Trust

Inspection from industry, health and safety and quality regulatory bodies ensure we are proud to be setting the highest possible standards in tree and landscaping services in the Southwest.

Over 15 Years Of Trading

We treat your property as our own and leave you knowing that you have had a professional service with work carried out to the highest standards.

Qualifications & Insurance

Intensive training and assessment at the internationally renowned Kingswood Training based in Kent and £10 million public liability insurance from a specialist tree surgeon insurance company.

Customer reviews

We are proud of our customer reviews, you can view some of our latest here, or click below to read more.

John and his team turned up at the arranged time and did a wonderful job. The whole team were very friendly, polite and showed great respect for my property. Phoned several companies for quotes and Arborcure’s was the most reasonable. The trees look so much better for the work done. They left the whole area so clean that you wouldn’t even know they’d been there. Would recommend John and team to anyone.

John P

10 Stars out of 10! I have been using this company for my lawns and weeds maintenance for the last couple of months and felt compelled to let the public know who absolutely fantastic they are! I cannot recommend enough! Every 2 weeks they come to cut the lawns without any prompting and are so very friendly and Efficient! Reliable, Affordable, Trustworthy, Experienced & Friendly…. what more can I say? Thanks so much for the good work you do!

Paul P, Company Name

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